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As Arkin Group, we took our first steps into the hospitality industry with The Arkın Colony Hotel, in Kyrenia; our first hotel in Cyprus. The following years saw the group expanding its contribution to North Cyprus tourism by opening the Arkin Palm Beach Hotel in Famagusta, a hotel with an unprecedented quality and vision on the island.

Thanks to our successful growth graph, led by company founder, Erbil Arkin, the group moved into the tourism and yachting sectors as well as hotel management.
This was followed, in 2017, with a move into the education sector with the opening of ARUCAD, the Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design. This is a thematic art university that is wholly dedicated to the fields of art, design and communication. 

In addition to our existing ventures, we proudly introduced The Arkin Iskele Hotel, in 2022 marking our continued commitment to excellence and innovation in the hospitality industry. The Arkin Iskele Hotel represents another significant milestone in our journey, combining luxury, comfort, and a unique experience for our guests.

With our 25 years of experience we have continued our activities is tourism and other sectors with our successful business ventures in Europe, South America and the Middle East.


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The Noble Peasant

The Noble Peasant Statue Project is an inspirational venture to construct one of Europe’s tallest statues, together with a nature park and museum, in an elevated mountain location overlooking the town of Kyrenia.


The construction of the Noble Peasant Project, will be funded entirely by ERBIL ARKIN and ARUCAD, without any use of public resources, and is a gift to the people of Cyprus.



Since its founding, ARUCAD has offered generous scholarship opportunities to students from both home

and abroad.

Not only are all international students awarded a 50% tuition fee waiver scholarship on admission, but also, based on interview and portfolio assessments, students have the opportunity to receive additional scholarship on tuition fees of 75%

and 100%.


Bellapais Cemetery

The Bellapais Cemetery Renovation is a project agreed between Girne Municipality and the Arkın Group for a restoration project within the boundaries of Bellapais Village.


The cleaning and restoration in this ongoing project has transformed the unkempt ruins of the cemetery into a beautiful oasis of tranquility and peace.


SOS Children

SOS Children’s Village provides support and

pre-school education services to young people through social, sports and cultural activities in various fields.


SOS Children’s Village also aims to provide support for the special educational needs of children and to those at risk of losing family care in Northern Cyprus.





The “Auguste Rodin Collection”, is on display at The Clock Tower, the headquarters of Arkin Group in Kyrenia.

Thirty four original sculptures by Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), as well as those of his his lover Camille Claudel and friends, Carrier-Belleuse and Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. are on display at this exhibition.  

All of the works are from Erbil Arkın’s personal collection and their display in the purpose-built museum successfully crowns the establishment of the Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD). The museum, too, can be seen as the culmination of the artistic ambitions of Erbil Arkin who, as a young man, developed his passion for Auguste Rodin at a time when he was studying the arts himself.

The distinguished French artist, is generally recognised as one of the greatest ever sculptors and  has become immortalised through his masterpieces such as “The Thinker””, “Eve”, “The Kiss” and “The Eternal Idol”. This exhibition of Erbil Arkin’s private collection aims to popularise the art of sculpture through the works of a world master and represents the degree of importance that is given to arts and art education. An exhibition of this scope and level is a first in Cyprus.

Visiting THE ARKIN RODIN COLLECTION GALLERY is free. However, within the framework of pandemic rules, art lovers can visit the gallery by making an appointment on 0392 650 11 11. The gallery will be open to visitors on weekdays and weekends between 10:00 and 19:00.

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